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Standard vape E-Liquid 50/pg50vg to 70/30
vs Sub-Ohm 80vg20pg to 90/10 and even 100%VG E-liquid 
What's the Difference?

Hwy9Vapor's DJ says: When you're new to vaping, understanding the difference between standard and sub-ohm setups can be confusing at first.
What's the difference between a regular and sub-ohm set up? And what happens if you use sub-ohm e-liquids in your regular e-cig kit? Today Hwy9Vapor's lifting the lid on some of the most common questions when it comes to sub-ohm vaping, Nicotine etc....

A brief overview
First, a brief overview. The term 'sub-ohm' is used when the resistance of an atomizer/coil is less than 1ohm - an ohm is the unit of measurement used to represent coil resistance. When the resistance of the coil is lower, more electrical current can flow through, so the coil heats up faster and to a higher temperature.
A lower resistance coil ( sub ohm example 0.3ohm) helps produce large clouds of vapor - which is why sub-ohm vaping is also called cloud chasers. Hotter coils mean more liquid is vaporized quicker, leading to thicker clouds and bigger flavor.
To do it safely, you need the right kit; a box mod and battery that can produce the right wattage/voltage, a sub tank with plenty of air flow, a low resistance coil, and a high VG liquid.
While in appearance regular e-cigarettes and sub-ohm setups look almost the same but they are different, and trying to sub-ohm vape without the right kit can be dangerous and won't produce the results you want.
So where do e-liquids fit in to all this?
Sub-ohm e-liquids
It's not hard to see why you need the right hardware to get sub-ohm vaping right, but why does it need its own liquid?
All e-liquids are made up of two main components; PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine). PG is the ingredient that simulates the scratchy feeling at the back of the throat you're used to from cigarette smoking this is why Hwy9Vapor recommends a good cigarette flavored E-Liquid for those new to Vaping and Looking to quit smoking, When you regular vape most starter kits start around $20 with usually a 600mah or 1600mah Battery you
Do Not straight to lung hit you take your time easy like a straw fill your mouth one you feel you have a good bit of vapor in your mouth then you inhale then exhale, long steady inhale. This is called mouth to lung hit. 
VG on the other hand is thicker and most in 3/6mg Nicotine and even 0mg- Hwy9Vapor Only recommends sub ohm Vaping if and when a person no longer craves a cigarette and just loves the Flavor and Vaping Lifestyle.
Sub tank E-Liquid is smooth and can hold a lot of flavor and produce way more vapor, these Vapor units/box mods use Wattage not mah, a mah battery is not strong enough to push a sub tank, think of it as your trying to start your car with a 9volt battery, it just wont happen.
When you sub-ohm vape you straight to lung hit long steady inhale a large quantity of vapor, which is why high-VG formulas work best high Vg easy on the throat.
If you try and use a traditional e-liquid with a higher PG ratio example 50/50, you won't produce as much cloud and will end up with the thin liquid just flowing right through your coil unto your unit and way too much nicotine and a way to strong throat hit - a totally unpleasant experience and a mess, liquid running out of your air holes and all over your unit and in time getting Into your unit messing up the display screen and even in time can rust your battery and once oxygen hits the inside of a battery Now your messing with the Internal Pressure Measurement and can and will cause a thermal runaway Now you have a Battery Mini Pipe Bomb in your hands đź’Ą( Do Not Mess with the Stability of Li-Ion Batteries, know and Respect the Dangers.)  
just use the liquid recommended for the type of unit you are vaping on. If the seller is unsure Walk out... Tip: if you feel your sub tank getting real hot, this means your not hitting it with Long hard steady lung hits, and your liquid no matter how thick is thinning out with the sub ohm's coils heat.( the higher you put your wattage the harder you need to hit the tank to keep it and the coil cool.

so what we have learned today is High VG 80/20 80 VG 20 PG for sub tanks are designed to feel smooth and comfortable with low or no nicotine and give you plenty of flavor and cloud. But they don't work well in a normal vape tank - often the liquids will be too thick to flow through the regular vaping coil, drying it out and leaving a burned taste in the mouth instead ( putting high VG/sub tank Liquid in a regular vaping tank is like trying to push thick oil out of a needle syringe, the liquid is to thick and the Example: 600mah battery cannot heat the liquid in the tank's coil going through the regular vaping tank. so thick liquid high heat unit, regular vaping liquid for regular vaping units Get It?

At the end of the day, choosing the right PG/VG ratio is about finding something that's made for and compatible with your hardware rather than taste - there's so many amazing flavors in both standard and sub-ohm e-liquids, so you won't need to give up your favorites if you make the transition to a new kit.

-------------- The Truth About Nicotine --------------

An alarming amount of confusion seems to persist about the safety of nicotine. 
Due to its association with traditional cigarettes, many people still maintain the misconception that nicotine, 
rather than tobacco, is the culprit behind the many illnesses caused by smoking. 
But when you take a look at the science, this may not even be true; in fact, increasing evidence suggests 
that nicotine may actually help doctors treat neurological disorders such as depression, 
Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Could Nicotine Be The Next Wonder Drug?
Nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco, and other vegetation such as eggplants, squash,bacon potatoes etc..., but it can also be synthetically produced. 
It can be absorbed through the skin, mucous membranes in the mouth or the air sacs in the lungs. 
No matter how nicotine is consumed, it enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain where it binds to cholinergic receptors. 
Some governments around the world classify nicotine as poison because it can be toxic when ingested in large quantities in its pure form; however, no one drinks pure nicotine, so calling nicotine “poisonous” might be a little misleading. 
When smoking or chewing tobacco, users are consuming more chemicals than just nicotine, many of which are associated with cancer and other illnesses. Research on nicotine by itself, however, has revealed some potential therapeutic benefits.

The Connections Between Nicotine and Mental Health
In 2012, researchers at Vanderbilt University tested the effects of nicotine patches on non-smoking patients with mild cognitive impairment, which is often a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease. Half of participants wore a 15mg nicotine patch everyday for six months while the other half wore a placebo patch for the same amount of time. Tests measuring memory, attention span and speed of cognitive processing were given to all patients before and after treatment. Those who had the placebo performed about the same in both rounds of testing, but those who had nicotine showed substantial gains in all areas. Dr. Paul Newhouse, the study’s main author, concluded that the research “provides strong justification for further research into the use of nicotine for people with early signs of memory loss.”
Nicotine may also be an effective antidepressant; researchers at Duke University found that nicotine patches can reduce symptoms in depressed patients. They attributed their findings to nicotine’s ability to stimulate dopamine and serotonin release in the brain. Deficiencies in these two neurotransmitters are often linked to depression.
Dopamine also plays a role in locomotion, which is why nicotine is being investigated as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. As far back as 1979, a researcher at UCLA discovered that nicotine increases levels of dopamine in the striatum, the part of the brain responsible for planning and controlling movement. Recent research on fruit flies at the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine led the head researcher to announce, “Nicotine treatment reduces or, in some instances, rescues different aspects of the Parkinson’s-associated phenotype when administered early.”
Because both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s increase oxidative stress, another study looked into nicotine’s use as an antioxidant. The researchers concluded that, “The beneficial/protective effects of nicotine in both Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease may be, at least partly, due to antioxidant mechanisms.” The same study found that nicotine improved memory retention in rats. Another study on rodents suggests that nicotine boosts available levels of intracellular calcium, which can improve cellular survival. While this data is not an endorsement to start using nicotine like a multivitamin, it can help researchers develop ways to tap into nicotine’s full therapeutic potential.

How Addictive is Nicotine?
Debate surrounding nicotine’s addictive properties is now emerging thanks to findings such as those recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Tobacco Control. The authors of this study note that, “Nicotine is known as the drug that is responsible for the addictive behavior of tobacco users, but it has poor reinforcing effects when administered alone.” They investigated the addictive properties of pyrazines ( Pyrazine is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound with the chemical formula C4H4N2. Pyrazine is a symmetrical molecule with point group D2h. Pyrazine is less basic than pyridine, pyridazine and pyrimidine. Derivatives such as phenazine are well known for their antitumor, antibiotic and diuretic activities.), one of the many additives commonly found in cigarette tobacco, and found that “such additives may enhance dependence by helping to optimize nicotine delivery and dosing.” In other words, nicotine alone doesn’t cause cigarette addiction, but the combination of nicotine and other additives along with the delivery method are the true culprits. It is also worth noting that no signs of withdrawal have been documented in humans or other animals after being administered nicotine for therapeutic purposes.
Nicotine in Tobacco vs. Nicotine in Vaping
When smoking a tobacco cigarette, nicotine, along with hundreds of other chemicals, gets released through combustion. E-cigs, on the other hand, heat a solution of nicotine in a medium such as propylene glycol to produce nicotine in vapor form. A comprehensive overview of literature comparing nicotine delivery via e-cigs and tobacco cigarettes revealed that e-cigs deliver less nicotine per puff than traditional cigarettes.Furthermore, many e-cig companies such as White Cloud allow users to control their nicotine intake with a selection of nicotine strengths, while traditional cigarettes offer no options to control the amount of nicotine delivered.

The Future of Nicotine
With the latest evidence suggesting electronic cigarettes are 98% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, combined with the research findings of the therapeutic benefits of nicotine, it may be safe to say there is a brighter future for both e-cigs and nicotine Fact: Vaping has been out for over 13years. 
Perhaps e-cigs may even one day be prescribed to treat neurological disorders. This idea may not be so far-fetched when considering the fact that studies have yet to prove any negative side effects of e-cigs, compared to the long list of side effects that accompany the prescription medications currently used to treat such disorders. As a result, the concept of nicotine as a wonder drug should bring a sigh of relief to those deemed to be “nicotine addicts” as the research continues to prove nicotine may not be the enemy traditional cigarettes have portrayed it to be.

In the past, smokers faced a daunting question when it came to quitting smoking: How do you successfully quit?
The adverse effects of smoking are well known, yet the addictive qualities of traditional analog cigarettes have proven a formidable foe. Quitting smoking has been the focus of numerous New Year’s resolutions, only to fail time and time again. When it comes to taking the leap, there are several severely limited methods from which to choose.


1 Quitting cold turkey. As many have come to find, this is one of the most difficult ways to quit smoking. In fact, it has proven impossible for many.
2 Nicotine gum. According to WebMD, and as its name describes, the gum contains small amounts of nicotine. This is supposed to ease your nicotine cravings when chewed. However, the small traces of nicotine is not enough to fully subdue the craving to smoke. It also does not address the “habit” aspect of smoking.
3 Nicotine patches. This method is based on sticking a large circular patch onto your skin – usually the upper arm. It is noted by WebMD that it releases nicotine in metered doses directly onto the skin where it absorbed into the bloodstream. This method also entails having a patch stuck to your body and does not address the aspect of smoking relating to the “habit”.
The “habit” of smoking is the actual actions your body makes during smoking. Having the cigarette between your fingers, the cigarette in your mouth, the inhaling and exhaling of the smoke. This aspect is the primary reason why these methods do not hold a high success rate or fail to work altogether. In fact, studies have shown that nicotine gum has a higher success rate than quitting cold turkey and that patches hold a higher success rate than that of nicotine gum. However, even at its highest margin of success, patches only resulted in a total 8.2% success rate for quitting smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes: Brief Overview

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are cigarette simulation apparatuses which combine the natural actions of smoking with the nicotine levels of your choice. They produce thick, rich nicotine-infused water vapor or mist which allows the user to enjoy the same smoking experience, without the 600 toxic ingredients and the subsequent 7,000 chemicals which are produced through the act of combustion (American Lung Association).
With numerous makes and models, Vaping simulates the smoking experience. It is a nicotine replacement system which allows the user to experience a different type of nicotine inhalation. They provide the same satisfaction, and continue by allowing the user greater control over the amount of nicotine they are actually consuming.
Further, the products do not rely on any form of combustion, which also produces large quantities of carbon monoxide. Instead, they rely on a heated coil which converts the flavored nicotine liquid into vapor, or mist. This is a highly coveted aspect of e-cigarettes among its millions of users. The vapor simulates, by look and feel, the smoke from an analogue cigarette with out all the harmful and fatal tar & chemicals.

Comparative Study
There are ongoing studies into the use of electronic cigarettes, but there is now evidence from a study in the UK which shows that e-cigarette use might have a 90% higher success rate for quitting smoking, compared to the patch, gum, or attempting to quit cold turkey.
A new study finds that, among people who are trying to quit without professional help, those who use electronic cigarettes are 90% more likely to succeed, compared with those who use willpower or nicotine replacement therapies.
Medical News Today

To date, there has been no conclusive evidence submitted that demonstrates any form of adverse effects related to the use of e-cigarettes. More and more, studies are proving more information about the devices, and how they can successfully assist people in achieving their goals.

Vaping users report several reasons for use:
• Recreational use,
• To cut down or quit smoking;
• Changed my Life
• Because they believe vaping is healthier than smoking;
• To circumvent smoke-free laws and policies;
• Because e-cigarettes are odor-free; or
• Because vaping is better and cheaper.
Marketing aimed at smokers focuses on these motivations.[This marketing does influence people to try them.
When users were asked why they had first tried e-cigarettes, reasons given were curiosity or experimentation; because a relative/friend was using them and it works; or because they were given or offered one to help them quit smoking aswell.
Some researchers are concerned about vaping during pregnancy.
Some users have stopped vaping due to issues with the devices, Hwy9Vapor's DJ says "99% of the time user error and or something very simple and a easy fix."
MOST say Dissatisfaction and concerns over safety ( Thanks CNN, Fox FDA, Cigarette Companies etc.It's all about $$$ Not the Publics Health in their eyes.. 
False Rumors can also discourage ongoing e-cigarette use. 

DJ says " Forget all the misleading rumors and lies, fact: every one knows some one whom vapes, ask them for their truthful testimony, 
"" Theirs No Truth in a Lie, and Theirs No Lie in the Truth "" James DeLeo (aka) D.J."

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